Minister makes mates in Malaysia

Dan Tehan pitches Australian education

Speaking at the National University of Malaya the other day the Education Minister talked of common interests – voced in schools, short courses, studying on different campuses, closing the skills gap. He added benefits for Malaysians studying in Australia, like work-rights and he explained how Australians enjoy studying in Malaysia. It was as much partnership as pitch.

What also worked was his description of a Malaysian student who studied at what is now Deakin-Warrnambool (in his electorate) 50 years ago and liked it so much he stayed and of Malaysian leaders who have fond memories of their study-experience in Australia. “The relationship that we have, which has been formed by education, I think, is truly unique and truly remarkable. … It is something that we all should cherish and should ensure that we continue to grow it.”

Makes a change from marketing that presents Australia as doing international students a favour.


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