Minister attacks Academy of Science

The Academy of Science “seems to have done the Labor Party’s bidding,” in a report on Darling River fish deaths, (CMM January 24) according to Agriculture Minister David Littleproud in a media release, Monday.The Academy of Science accepted an invitation from Labor leader Bill Shorten to advise on the Darling River fish-kills and reported the other day. According to the minister some of its findings and recommendations are “sensible” and some not-so.

But while he addressed the state of the river Mr Littleproud wanted it known that the Academy’s CEO, is a former Labor staffer.

And so Anna-Maria Arabia is, she was a principal adviser to Bill Shorten before moving to the Academy in 2016. So what! People move between politics and policy all the time. And what, pray, does this have to do with the considered scientific judgement of the scientists who worked on the report? Not a damn thing, is the only answer.

It is a bad day for science when a minister attacks the work of its learned academy.


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