Micro content is king at Deakin U

Micro-courses serving mini-markets

,Jason Felice Jacka and Tetyana Rocks teach an on-line course for psychiatric clinicians, registrars and final year students on nutritional psychiatry via (via Future Learn). “When looking to treat psychiatric conditions, gut microbiota and nutrition options hold great promise for novel treatment targets,” is the pitch.

D U’s Motion Lab has a sports commentary simulation where aspiring callers can learn their craft

With more sport screening than you can point a ball at, the call for commentators is way louder than the broadcast networks. Thus Deakin’s Play*By*Play which “enables participants to test, develop and refine their on-air skills by commentating on sporting action as live.”

“By simulating the commentary booth experience it creates a golden opportunity for sports organisations to build and enhance the capability of their on-air talent,”  project friend Jason Bennett.