Medical Research Institute lobby says more research funding requires increased infrastructure funding

In news that isn’t new, the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes wants more public money from more government sources.

AAMRI’s submission to the House of Representatives committee inquiry into the “efficiency, effectiveness and coherency of Commonwealth research funding” argues for “increasing the quantum of funding available for systemic costs of research.” This should include money to support research funded by the $20bn-target Medical Research Future Fund. “Increased success in receiving research funding presents new challenges in terms of meeting the additional funding needed for the associated systemic costs of research,” AMRI argues.

AAMRI researchers should also be allowed to apply for Australian Research Council grants, which now can only go to university based scientists. And the CRC rules should be changed to allow AAMRI to compete for cooperative research centres, especially CRC Projects which, “are ideally suited to medical research institutes.”



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