Medical research grants announced: where the big money goes

The National Health and Medical Research Council awards $367m in Investigator research grants

The overall success rate in yesterday’s announcement was 14 per cent, with just 253 successful applications. But this bad news is relatively gender neutral. Some 138 projects with male chief investigators got up (14.6 per cent) compared to 115 (13.5 per cent) with women CIs. Although, average funding for a bloke-led project is $1.634m, compared to $1.323 for those with women.

Where most of the money goes: To the institutions that generally clean-up. Uni Melbourne, $77.8m, Uni Sydney $62.4m, Monash U $46.6m, Uni Queensland $31.8m, UNSW $29.6m and Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, $19.4m All up they picked up 70 per cent or so of the swag.

And some are above average: Institutions with more than ten applications that matched/exceeded the all-entries 14 per cent success rate are; Baker HDI four successes for 15 per cent, Burnett Institute, four and 30 per cent, Deakin U seven and 18 per cent, Monash U 30 and 14 per cent, Uni Melbourne 54 and 24 per cent, Uni Sydney, 43 and 19 per cent, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, ten and 20 per cent.