Medical Research Future Fund grants announced

Health Minister Greg Hunt announced 22 Medical Research Future Fund grants yesterday. The bucks are not big, at least by NHMRC standards, ranging from $274 000 to $577 000, but the MRFF is but young and the capital base is not yet generating a strong income stream. The University of Melbourne, with four grants and Monash U with six, lead the list. Recipients are:

Elizabeth Elliott (Uni Sydney) $577: health outcomes for disadvantaged children

Christopher Levi (Uni Newcastle) $577: acute stroke therapies

Y C Gary Lee (UWA) $481: translation research on pleural effusion and infection

Jacqueline Centre (Garvan Institute) $343: outcomes in osteoporosis and bone health

Helena Teede (Monash U) $494: prevention, diagnosis, management of obesity in women

Peter Cameron (Monash U) $412: emergency and trauma care systems

Andrew Wei (Monash U) $412: translational research on acute myeloid leukaemia

Paul McCrory (Florey Institute) $577: mild traumatic brain injury

Alexander Thompson (Uni Melbourne) $481: elimination of Hepatitis C Virus

Bala Venkatesh (George Institute) $274: sepsis outcomes

Lianne Schmaal (Uni Melbourne) $431: neuroimaging in mental health

Antonio Verdejo-Garcia (Monash U) $476: treating methamphetamine addiction

David Godler (Murdoch Children’s Institute) $476: diagnosis and intervention for children with intellectual disability and autism

Christopher Davey (Uni Melbourne) $333: biomarkers for youth with severe depression

Donna Urquhart (Monash U) $429: lower back pain

Louise Corben (Murdoch Children’s Institute) $431: upper limb function for people with Hereditary Cerebellar Ataxia

Steven Tong (Uni Melbourne) $333: Managing bloodstream and skin infections leading to kidney and heart disease

Jill Newby (UNSW) $431: Internet delivered therapies for anxiety and depression

Saurabh Kumar (Western Sydney Local Health District) $431: identifying risk of arrhythmias and consequent sudden cardiac arrest

Dawn Aitken (UniTas) $431: new therapy options for osteoarthritis and chronic low back pain

Dominic Linz (Uni Adelaide) $431: sleep apnea

Meg Jardine (UNSW) $476: care of chronic cardiovascular disease


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