Med researchers Vic election ask

The pandemic has been a golden age for Victorian state government investment in medical research – but more gold would be good

With a state election in six weeks the Vic branch of the Association of Australian MRIs wants voters to know what members need to help with health and grow the economy.

* an unspecified increase in the state government’s Operational Infrastructure Support Programme, which funds indirect research costs. This is needed because of members’ “increasing success” in Commonwealth research grants

* $20m over four years to “recover from recent disruptions and maintain future grant competitiveness” by funding 133 “top-tier” early and mid-career researchers

* $45m for four years to fund “research translation specialists

* $15m to “attract the brightest minds to our state

Good-o, although the state government might respond that it is already supporting medical research with commitments of $50m for mRNA manufacturing and R&D and $400m for the Australian Institute of Infectious Diseases (CMM July 27), plus funding for COVID-19 research.