Maths not munitions in defence research

There are new tech grants – for things that  don’t go boom

Six National Intelligence and Security Discovery Research Grants: Intelligence Challenges were announced yesterday making a success rate of 7 per cent.  The six each receive just under $600 000

Macquarie U: security for Edge computing, “where billions of lightweight devices” collect information and interact with remote data services.

Macquarie U: invalidating phone scammers’ business model by re-directing calls to, “conversational AI Bots optimised to present convincing scam victims”

Monash U: measure public and elite opinion in China and India

Uni Melbourne: machine learning by miniature satellites

UNSW: electromagnetic interference shields

UTS: protection from microwaves for defence satellites

There is funding for four National Security Challenge projects, with a 12 per cent success rate and the same funding

ANU: data-driven methodology to mitigate supply chain threats

Uni Melbourne: quantum-based sensors for chemical/explosives

Uni Queensland: low-power device to detect explosives at trace levels

UWA: protecting AI against deception attacks