Managing immigration  

Anna Boucher and Amy Davidson explains the selection of economic migrants over 30 years, including the impact on international students 

“Australia’s selection system for permanent immigration in particular has attracted international attention for the generally strong labour-market performance of the immigrants it admits,” the University of Sydney researchers argue in a new report for the Washington-based Migration Policy Institute.

Their comprehensive analysis of policy-changes including changes in drivers to address demand for permanent residency by international students. And it points to potential issues as the government moves to increase international enrolments, and potentially permanent settlement in regions. “In some regions of Australia, high recruitment of immigrant workers to fill labour shortages has occurred in parallel with high unemployment among domestic workers.”

Overall, they suggest Australian policy provides pointers on creating targeted migration systems, including;

*   adjust and manage selection criteria over time.

* review and adjust selection process

* be aware of employment per labour-market region

* watch for exploitation of low-skill workers on visas “formally intended for non-work purposes”


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