Making more of HASS and creative industries at Uni Newcastle

They face threats a merger could prevent

Last year Uni Newcastle management announced the end of the five faculties, replacing them with three colleges. But the make-up of their constituent schools is not settled, with consultation to start next month.

John Fischetti, PVC of the new college, Human and Social Futures, with colleagues, Paul Egglestone (Creative Industries) and Catharine Coleborne (HASS) propose merging those schools, which as they stand, are at risk from government funding changes and international and domestic student “enrolment patterns.”

They suggest a new school would “advance the university’s Life-Ready Graduates agenda, “improve community understanding and appreciation for the vital contribution these disciplines make, “allow us to weather the current storm of fee changes and funding caps” and “reset our cost base to achieve long-term financial sustainability”

This may sound familiar to Uni Newcastle staffers who remember the humanities cuts announced in 2017, when stand-alone philosophy courses went and classics and ancient history were reduced as part of a new BA. Back then the university told CMM (October 30 2017), “our research shows that students are seeking degrees with applied aspects and with a focus on careers in social assistance, human services and social impact and innovation.”