Making a case against Uni Canberra’s assistant professor scheme

It is not popular with the campus union, members of the professoriate, and some in the programme – one filed an occupational health complaint about the stress performance targets cause

The scheme gives people seven years, with three reviews, to produce sufficient research to qualify for continuing appointment.

Even though he likes the scheme as is VC Deep Saini commissioned a review, starting in April, (CMM April 1), which is getting towards the sharp-end of submissions.

The National Tertiary Education Union wants it abolished or failing that, changes including, “clear and transparent expectations for reviews and promotions.”

The union especially dislikes the performance review process which it says are “perhaps the most stressful parts” of the scheme; “each review has the potential for the university to decide that an assistant professor is unlikely to achieve promotion to assistant professor by the end of the continuing contingent period.”


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