Majority (just) of new NHMRC grants go to women CIs

The National Health and Medical Research Council announces $85m in $5m Synergy Grants to fund multidisciplinary research over five years, “from discovery to translation.”

Chief Investigators are, * Roslyn Boyd (Uni Queensland) * Patrick Brennan (Uni Sydney) * Alex Brown (South Australian Health and MRI) * Jonathan Carapetis (UWA) * Paul Haber (Uni Sydney) * Philip Hansbro (UTS) * Monika Janda (Uni Queensland), * Mark Jenkins (Uni Melbourne), * Misty Jenkins (Walter and Eliza Hall) * Anne Kavanagh (Uni Melbourne), * Mark Parsons (UNSW), * Andrew Roberts (Walter and Eliza Hall), * Kate Schroder (Uni Queensland) * Ingrid Scheffer (Uni Melbourne), * Monica Slavin (Uni Melbourne), * Melissa Southey (Monash U) * Kate Sutherland (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute),

NHMRC is keen for it to be known that over 50 per cent of CIs are women – which may not impress signatories to a petition now circulating that calls on the council to address the gender imbalance in funding.