Major marketplace for micro quals

The ever-innovative Universities Admission Centre (in NSW) announces it has federal funding to build a microcredentials marketplace

This sounds like not an especially big-deal, albeit a complex one to build and maintain – if it is a comparison site for HE provider short-courses. But it will be more complicated if it includes courses from ASQA accredited private providers. And if there is room for corporates offering training and certification, Cisco, Google, Amazon et al, it would be less marketplace, more mega-mall.

Whatever, if Australia is to avoid accreditation anarchy, with no national system of recognition of all certifications this has to happen.

UAC has $2.12m from the feds over three years, which would be a bargain price for an enormous project. Still if any organisations can UAC can. It has just announced a Uni Victoria pilot of programme to manage recognition of prior learning in university applications, which would be complicated indeed.

UAC is way beyond explaining the ATAR.