Macquarie U’s new “brand narrative”: same old story

Joy isn’t unconfined on the Macquarie U campus, with news there is a new “brand narrative,” the “essence” of which is ‘connected intelligence’ reflecting Macquarie’s unique position in the higher education sector.

“While some universites celebrate innovation through technology, we are the university of human-powered innovation – innovation that is brought to life through collaboration and connectivity, that seeks solutions for real-world challenges,” a marketer says. This explains the campaign slogan “YOU to the power of us.”

To which a learned reader responds; “Our core business as a public university ought to be teaching, research and community engagement. This is yet another example of corporatisation of Australia’s universities. I seriously doubt that any member of MQ staff even thinks about ‘brand essence’ or ‘brand narrative,’ let alone ‘you to the power of us’.”

Quite. This is the sort of generic campaign that could be used at universities across the country. The problem is with a few exceptions, Australian universities all do the same things as a matter of policy, pretty much in the same way. It shows in interchangeable advertising.

Back in 2015 Macquarie U was branding itself as “a university like no other,” (CMM October 12 2015). Based on its advertising, it was not then, it is not now.


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