Macquarie U VC to address all-staff meeting on cuts

After meeting with his leadership team Vice Chancellor S Bruce Dowton schedules a “town hall”  for next week

Professor Dowton is expected to talk about the emerging operating environment and specific university issues, notably the plan to save $4m by closing the Faculty of Human Sciences and reallocating its constituent departments.

Which is what he covered in his message to staff, last week (CMM November 6).

Perhaps the Vice Chancellor intends to explain in-person why there is no alternative to the savings strategy, a petition has requested him to at least try to convince staff. Unless he hopes to calm the uproar on campus with a concession, say to modify the block on new hires and the review of all fixed term contracts up for renewal (CMM November 1).

Given Professor Dowton’s response to a letter from a hundred-plus professors (CMM Wednesday) sticking to his plan looks much more likely.


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