Macquarie U to abolish Faculty of Human Sciences

Academic jobs said to be safe but not necessarily professional staff

Vice Chancellor S Bruce Dowton announced the faculty’s end yesterday. But he did not detail where constituent departments will move, committing to consulting “on the challenges that face us and the changes we will need to consider to simplify the way we work, to align our people and resources with our strategic framework.”

The faculty’s teaching/research departments are Cognitive Sciences, Educational Studies, Linguistics and Psychology.

It hosted the former ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and is a member of the Hearing Cooperative Research Centre.

MU watchers suggest Cognitive Sciences and Psychology might move to Medicine and Health Sciences, with Education and Linguistics off to Arts.

According to union president Nikki Balnave, there are no plans for academic redundancies, but “we believe many professional staff jobs are now under immediate threat.”


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