Macquarie U reviews curriculum (again)

The VC announces more work “on the renewed curriculum architecture”

“Our coursework suite and unit offerings are not viable in the current number,” Vice Chancellor S Bruce Dowton tells staff.

It’s not that the university community hasn’t had a go. Work on a new curriculum structure started two years ago, (CMM July 20, 25 2018) and it launched this year (CMM January 22).

But the structure it seems, is not all the problem. Macquarie U has a tradition of offering, lots, lots, of electives, not always with lots of students.

Great for choice, bad for budgeting – and so Professor Dowton says “data is extracted” on UG courses, majors and specialisations with fewer than 50 students (PG ones with under 20).

Also, “the coursework suite is also not always aligned with what students are asking for and is complex to navigate,” Professor Dowton adds.

And so, something has to give – and quick.

Time is not on our side in the consideration of viability of courses, majors and specialisations. … I anticipate that a number of courses, majors and specialisations will be rested and not offered for Session One 2021,” the VC says.