Macquarie U management warns: “further reductions in staff costs needed”

The university proposes reducing costs by $25m, through a professional services transformation, “it is inevitable that further reductions in staff costs are needed” 

The PST is intended to create: * a more service-oriented model and service focussed culture, * standardised processes and work structures and * a “sustainable financial model to allow investment in the academic mission.”

In a briefing for staff management specifies a $25m saving next year in professional staff costs – on top of the proposed cost reductions already outlined for IT, Finance, Learning and Teaching.

The plan is for three support organisations; * shared services, providing “outward-facing” services for staff and students and a high-volume operations centre * portfolio centres undertaking “specialist work for the whole university” and * professional services supporting research, learning and teaching at faculty/school level.

If the proposal is adopted plans for operating areas will roll-out in four cycles for completion by end ’21.  Responses to the prop are due December 11.