Lorrelle Burton honoured

Lorrelle Burton is recognised by the Australian Psychological Society with its 2016 Distinguished Contribution to Psychological Education Award. The University of Southern Queensland professor is the author of a first-year psychology text set at 20 Australian universities, now in its 4th edition, with a 5th scheduled.

Raft of accords

All is amity between the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Authority and the Australian Council for Private Education and Training, which now have an MOU. There is even a photo from Friday, of the first officer of the former, Anthony McClaran shaking hands with the leader of the latter, Rod Camm. Another accord, between TEQSA and the Council of Private Higher Education, represented by Simon Finn is also now in place. Comparisons with the Franco-Russian-Prussian discussions leading to a brief peace according to the Treaty of Tilsit in 1807 are inappropriate – this time the meeting wasn’t on a raft.

It was a big Friday for TEQSA, which also signed accords with Professions Australia and English language learning quality assurer NEAS.


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