Local heroes at CQU

CQU Chancellor John Abbott is asking staff to take an on-line survey on what they want in a new VC to replace Scott Bowman, who leaves at year end, and to recommend anybody who would be good. He says that so far he is hearing they want a new VC who is “approachable, driven, good-humoured and committed to our values particularly when it comes to openness and inclusiveness.”

That probably excludes a tribe of ambitious DVCs who would struggle with CQU’s relaxed culture. But CQU observers wonder whether the established culture of promoting from within will apply to the top job – only one member of Professor Bowman’s executive team came from outside.

DVC Engagement Pierre Viljoen joined CQU 12 years ago to lead the Gladstone campus. DVC Finance Narelle Pearse was previously a member of the university council. DVC R Grant Stanley was promoted from dean of medical science. The departing DVC for strategic development Andy Bridges was formerly dean of human, health and social sciences. DVC student experience Joanne Perry is a 22-year veteran of CQU’s administration and senior DVC international and services Alastair Dawson is the one recent outside appointment to the university leadership, joining from a career in local government.


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