Lobbies quiet on Coaldrake

No complaints counts as praise for the review of provider category standards

University lobbies are quick with policy comments, (often along the line of, “while the Treasurer announcing all Commonwealth revenue will be spent on universities is welcome, more resources are needed if Australia is to be internationally competitive). But responses to Peter Coaldrake’s review of provider category standards (CMM yesterday) were few and brief.

Universities Australia was on the record with an hour of the review’s release, welcoming the recommendation that research continues to be foundation for requirement of universities (CMM yesterday).

But that was about it from the major university groups. “Provider category review consistent with expected outcomes. The uni definition tightening goes with the argument that research is crucial to the role. The real interest is whether the national institute category goes ahead and the treatment of those within it,” Conor King from the Innovative Research Universities tweeted yesterday. “That’s it?” CMM asked. “What is there to say? A good, plausible report,” he replied.


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