Live and in-person at Murdoch U (just not for lectures)

It’s part of a plan for “authentic learning experiences”

No-lectures was announced last year by PVC E Kylie Readman to, “shift the focus to student-centred learning and assessment design to ensure that students are engaged in high quality and authentic learning experiences,” (CMM October 9 2020).

The new teaching model involves continuing tutes and lab classes on campus but with lectures on-line from this year.

Murdoch U pitches the model, (“greater flexibility to study in a way that suits you”) in an admirably economic YouTube video.

“To give you greater choice in how you participate in lectures” there are options “to engage with lecture content on-line.”

“It’s all designed to allow you to access your education in a way that works for you.”

“There are lots of reasons to come to campus” Murdoch U assures students, (the library, to hang-out with friends, for example) and there are “lots of options to enrol in face-to-face experiences.”  Just not for lectures.