Listen-up: an NT health problem that needs fixing

Kids in remote Northern Territory communities will get their ears checked at home by graduates of the Menzies School of Health Research’s Certificate Two in Aboriginal Primary Health Care

This matters, really matters, because nine out of ten Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children under three suffer from some form of otitis media – ear diseases which Menzies warns, “if left untreated can have a devastating impact on a child’s entire life trajectory.” CMM suspects this means if they can’t hear well they can’t learn.

The course is delivered by the Central Australian Remote Health Development Services and will expand to 20 NT communities over three years, reducing the need for FIFO specialists.

CMM first learned about otitis media in remote communities 25 years ago – that it’s still on the to-fix list is a disgrace, Good-on the Menzies School and partners for doing something about it.