Lights out for the lecture at Uni Sunshine Coast

“Face-to-face or pre-recorded lectures are being replaced with learning materials,” USC management tell students

“Traditional-style lectures” have “poor learning outcomes” be they face to face or recorded, USC advises.

So, starting next year, instead of lectures there will be digital delivery of “a range of different materials, such as formative quizzes, podcasts, interviews, simulations, screencasts and recorded discussions,” which are, “equivalent to an hour of traditional lecture.”

This will allow tutes and labs to “focus on developing an enhanced understanding of the learning materials.

Tutes will be live, either on campus or via ZOOM and will not be recorded, “as this does not allow crucial interaction and active leaning.”

To which a USC student petition responds that people who nominated to do a face to face course will not get what they signed up for.