Leaving on a low-note at Uni Queensland

In his last week, Uni Queensland VC Peter Høj has not good news to announce

While Professor Høj points to an increase in domestic demand (below) his message to staff was dominated by the impact of the pandemic.

Given the absence of international students, the Institute of Continuing and TESOL Education is 70 per cent down on enrolments and income and there are discussions with staff and unions to, “disestablish a number of positions.”

The vice chancellor also warned that, “with continued outbreaks abroad and at home”, pilots to bring international students back, “are now unlikely to happen for a number of months.” And without “a positive development,” “the financial consequence of this pandemic on the sector and Uni Queensland is expected to be felt over the next few years.”

While the university has absorbed revenue reductions to date “with minimal impact on staff, teaching and research,” Professor Høj added, “we will work with staff and unions over the coming months to explore further measures to offset the anticipated reduction in revenue.”

“In my last week as vice chancellor, I continue to be inspired by the many important projects at UQ that epitomise our vision of providing knowledge leadership for a better world.” he wrote.

“… I admit to feeling very sad about writing to you in such mixed terms; however, I am immensely proud of the ongoing efforts of Uni Queensland staff to create change in such unprecedented times.”