Learning analysts want a code of their own

ANZ research agencies are reviewing classification codes, learning analytics experts want one of their own

Learning analytics research is a fast-growing, multi-disciplinary field including education, computer science, psychology and data science, say Abelardo Pardo (Uni SA), president of the Society for Learning Analytics Research and Jorge Maldonado, coordinator of the Latin-American Community of Learning Analytics.

They call for peak research agencies to allocate LA a research code in Division -13 (education), Group – 03 (specialist studies).  A code of its own, will “increase the interest in an area that overlaps data sciences, psychology, technology and education.” They call on supporters to sign their petition, here.

The reviewing agencies point to classifying (or) “inter-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary research” and adding new categories to cover “emerging subject areas,” (CMM March 25).


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