Latelab can’t come too soon

It will be at Swinburne and no it’s not already behind schedule

It’s part of plan for the Hawthorn campus, scheduled for ’25 – there’s a latelab already but the new one will be 20 per cent bigger.

The lab is a place for students to study and socialise, with space to eat and cook for themselves and do it all when suits, 24/seven.

Smart move Swinbunnies – universities all bang-on about getting students back on campus. The challenge is making people welcome when it suits their studying, working and private lives. It’s why libraries are now the place to go. As campus planning expert Samantha Hall puts it, “students want flexibility in how they learn: alone at a secluded desk; alone together at large tables; group work with a white board; casually catching up with friends over coffee; late night sessions after work,” (CMM October 10 2o21).