Late CRC win for Uni Melbourne

The last Round 23 Cooperative Research Centre is announced

The third winner is the OneBasin CRC which will work on climate and water risks around the Murray-Darling.

Uni Melbourne leads with ANU, Charles Sturt U, Flinders U, Uni Adelaide and Uni Sydney among the partners.

The previously announced Round 23 winners are the snappily titled Sovereign Manufacturing Automation for Composites Cooperative Research Centre (UNSW) and CRC for antimicrobial resistance (Uni SA) (CMM May 12).

Round 23 was selected before caretaker conventions kicked in (CMM April 6) and this announcement must surely be the last research funding of the third Morrison Ministry.

Then again, there is still a day to go for regional education minister Bridget McKenzie to find a regional uni grant, approved before caretaker, down the back of the sofa (CMM, yesterday).