Labor running on its record

Tanya Plibersek to tell the Universities Australia conference how great things could have been

Labor’s education spokesperson will make the party’s case to be the natural ally of universities at the UA conference today.

Ms Plibersek is also expected to reprise its commitments in last year’s election and to commit the party to “guiding principles,” * “boosting university attainment,” * “making sure all Australians who get the grades have the opportunity to study at university,” and * “stimulating collaboration between universities and industry.”

Ms Plibersek’s text also calls on universities to stand up to the government.

“Elections have consequences. Sadly for us – and sadly for you too, I think – we were not given the power to implement our vision. There is an important lesson here. I know it is sensitive, so I will not harp on it. But you should not be afraid to campaign for your interests as universities. You shouldn’t feel reluctant to make your views clear – and you should not feel reluctant to express them with force.  I am not asking you to be partisan or overly political. I understand the position you are in. But you have enormous credibility with students and parents and with business – and you should use it. As I said, we all need to fight for our universities.”