Labor puts TAFE centre stage

Labor skills and TAFE spokesman Doug Cameron has set out issues the party’s proposed review of post-secondary education should address, including alternatives to competency based training and the “competitive training market model.” The review, which Labor is committed to launching within 100 days of forming government, must also; “start by examining the critical role TAFE plays as an educational and social institution – in our communities and in local, national and global economies.”

Senator Cameron outlined what the review would address in a Friday address to the Australian Education Union in Melbourne. It was a speech to fire up the faithful with the senator praising TAFE teachers, “they have earned and deserve the recognition, social status, and financial security that other trained, skilled and responsible professionals enjoy,” and denouncingmarketisation and unhealthy competition in the VET sector.” “Economic theory doesn’t distinguish between price and value. Regulating for the cheapest petrol is light years away from regulating for the best quality education and training system that is possible,” he said.

And just in case anybody missed it; “In every Labor VET delivery program TAFE will be given a key role, the senator said.


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