La Trobe U to announce jobs will go

The university proposes axing 200 positions

Staff whose positions are in-scope for compulsory redundancy were advised yesterday, with a university wide-briefing today. The full-time equivalent position loss is less than forecast and will be accompanied by up to 200 new jobs.  However, how many individuals are effected by the termination of FTEs is not clear but there are expectations on campus that FTEs to go could translate to 230-250 people.

Staff whose positions would be redundant under the proposal will be able to apply for new jobs, but the university’s expectation is that only “some” displaced staff will remain.

Vice Chancellor John Dewar signalled there would be job losses this year in February, when he warned staff, “the challenges we face have not diminished.” Last week he told the university community, “the savings we need to make can no longer be achieved through voluntary measures.”

The new cuts follow emergency-responses to COVID-19 last year which included 335 people taking voluntary redundancies (300 FTE) plus departures under two separate restructures.

Professor Dewar’s all-staff briefing today is expected to be immediately followed by meetings of academic and administration operating units for details of the proposed workplace changes. The VC is scheduled to speak on outcomes at the end of the  month.