La Trobe U says it needs to save 10 per cent

The university anticipates an income drop up to $60m, and it’s not all COVID-19 caused

 LT U needs to make savings in the face of revenue declines, Vice Chancellor John Dewar told staff late yesterday.

Professor Dewar pointed to;

*  an unspecified impact from the ban on students arriving from China

* a 5 per cent drop in secondary students applying to all Victorian universities via the state admission’s centre

* a 30 per cent fall in students from India applying to Australian universities

* “a dramatic effect on enrolments”, particularly at LT U regional campuses from the Victorian Government’s “free TAFE” policy

To make the savings Professor Dewar announced;

* a review of all proposed appointments

* a single academic promotion round this year

* a hold on discretionary bonuses

* a “limit” on consultancies

“By acting now, we will be able to maintain normal operational expenditure, including staff salaries,” the vice chancellor said


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