La Trobe U rolls out restructure

Management has consulted with staff and is sticking with its plan

The university announced major changes in July, including abolishing its two-college structure and centralising student administration and engagement and learning-teaching support. Some 200 FTE positions, mainly professional staff were in-scope to go, (CMM July 15).

There appears no significant change following the mandatory staff consultation, with management stating yesterday there is, “minimal adjustment to the operating model and high-level organisational structures.”

However, LT U president of the National Tertiary Education Union Alysia Rex says 2600 university staff responded to management’s model, “a clear indicator that the plan is deeply flawed and requires significant reworking.”

This is the second university-wide restructure in a decade – in 2014 the college model now to go was created and four of 15 schools were abolished (CMM June 24 2014). The university now projects revenue to be down $165m on 2019 by next year and that income may not recover until 2028.


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