La Trobe U proposes mandatory vaccination

First there will be encouragement then requirement

The university announces a possible two-stage strategy. Until November it will provide “support and encouragement” for all staff and students “to get vaccinated as soon as possible.” There will be a vax site on the Bundoora campus, arrangements on regional campuses are “being explored” and there is vaccination leave for staff.

From December, “anyone attending campus (staff, students, contractors, visitors) will be expected to be fully vaccinated.”

For staff and students with medical and “other legally recognised” exemptions, LT U will make arrangements for work and study to continue. However, “staff and students who remain unvaccinated by choice may not be able to have special arrangements made for them, which may lead to them compromising their ability to fulfil their respective obligations for work or study.”

LT U will survey staff and students, “with aggregated responses helping inform future initiatives.”

Deakin U VC Iain Martin put mandatory vaccination for campus access on the agenda in August (CMM August 10) but LT U VC John Dewar is thought to be the first to enact it.


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