La Trobe U gets its casual staff pay ducks in a row

Emma Hardy from HR is keen people know management wants them to be paid the right rate

“While La Trobe U has not been made aware of systemic underpayment issues relating to our staff, it goes without saying that it is important that we pay our casual staff fairly and correctly,” the acting ED tells the university community.

Given Ms Hardy says what she said does not need saying shows Lt U is serious. So does putting measures in place to help casuals who, suspect they have been underpaid or “have concerns” with their payment.

Ms Hardy asks casuals to provide pay details so that a case manager can be assigned, “as your main point of contact.”

“We will keep this process open until the end of January to allow us to understand where issues may be occurring.”

She also assures casuals LT U “will objectively review claims and will rectify any errors that are found.”

Very wise – if it turned out there was a hitherto entirely unknown problem with casuals pay LT U would be ready to fix it.