La Trobe U Excellence awards

They were announced yesterday

Research – early career: * Joanne Kemp, (School of Allied Health, Human Services and Sport) *  Yves Rees,(History) * Kate O’Connor, (Education)
Research – mid-career : * Jason Dutton, (Molecular Sciences/Chemistry and Physics) * Andrea Carson, (Journalism)
Research supervision: * Kay Crossley, (Sport and Exercise Medicine)

Research engagement and impact: Dana Wong, (clinical neuropsychology)
Learning and teaching – sessionals: * Hosu Ryu, Danny Fryer

Learning and teaching – early career: *Amanda Shaker, * Anita Mackay

VC teaching awards  * Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Course Leadership Team, * Human Biosciences Employability Team, * Monica Peddle, and the Accounting Experiential Learning Team

VC teacher of the year: * Human Biosciences Employability Team 

VC cultural qualities awards * Accountable, Payroll Team. * Connected, Research Performance and Rankings Team * Innovative, International Digital Roadshow Team and Virtual Open Day 2020 Team * Care: Domestic Outbound Call Campaign Team, and International Student Services Team