La Trobe U drops plan to cancel Hindi

It’s the second threatened language where classes will continue  

The university had proposed “a cessation” of Greek, Hindi and Indonesian language programmes (CMM November 12). But after, “considerable discussion with staff and students, community groups, government and other stakeholders,” Hindi will continue.

“Notwithstanding the significant financial challenges faced by the university, there are compelling reasons to continue teaching our Hindi programme, including the increasing importance of Hindi language proficiency for diplomatic and commercial activities,” LT U states.

Not that the reason why it was for the chop has changed. “Low enrolments in Hindi language subjects must still be addressed in order for the programme to become sustainable and thrive in the future,” the university warns.

But optimistic they always are at La Trobe U. “It is hoped that the considerable passion and enthusiasm for Hindi language teaching that was evident in the feedback received during the consultation period will help to generate an immediate increase in enrolments in the programme.”

This may mean the odds for Indonesian continuing have to be good, what with “diplomatic and commercial activities” also applying. A decision is due next month.

Greek also goes on, for a minimum three years, after a community campaign in Melbourne, (CMM January 29).