Kim Carr’s blast from the voced past

There’s already a proposal Tanya Plibersek’s inquiry on TAFE and higher education working better together should consider – but probably won’t, what with it coming from Kim Carr.

In June 2016, just before he lost responsibility for higher education to Ms Plibersek in a frontbench shuffle Senator Carr proposed creating commonwealth institutes of higher education which would teach sub-degree and advanced diploma coursesCMM June 16 2016.) With TAFE and universities cooperating, “the institutes will be based in areas where structural economic change has created high unemployment and provide courses for people who variously want to go straight into industry or prepare for university,” Senator Carr said. Healthcare and engineering were suggested as appropriate disciplines but the overall emphasis was on meeting the needs of communities with jobs and skills shortage.  “Universities can’t go on enrolling people with no hope of success, we need better connections between enrolments and the labour market, Senator Carr added back then.

There are worse ideas circulating but back in 2016 Labor critics of Senator Carr did not like it at all. CMM doubts they will have changed their minds.


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