Keyzer continues at La Trobe U

La Trobe U says an inquiry into allegations against law dean Patrick Keyzer has ended, “without any finding being made”

 Professor Keyzer will step down as law school head at the end of June, but will remain in the school as research chair.

PVC Simon Evans told staff yesterday that Keyzer had, “led a transformation of the school in its administration and its performance in both research and learning and teaching.”

The university launched a misconduct investigation against Professor Keyzer and stood him down following allegations from two law school staff. Professor Keyzer took the university to the Federal Court seeking reinstatement. That action is also dropped.

Law school observers agree with Professor Evans, that Keyser did a good job as dean. One tells CMM that overall “the school was a happy place” and that his work to lift teaching and raise research performance was transformative. “The school is now one of La Trobe’s jewels.”


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