Jobs to go, dignity at risk at Macquarie U

The redundancy programme at Macquarie U rolls on with “in-scope” people in the Business School being told how many of them will be told to go

Following a few recent voluntary redundancies, between 12-16 FTE are set to go from 118 full-time equivalent positions.  People who want to survive will have to make submissions setting out their achievements, according to a provided formula, to a committee. There is a “relevant to opportunity” clause to account for those “with identifiable interruptions in service.”

People have two-weeks to prepare their cases.

Saving most staff some humiliation, interviews are not part of the standard process. But they could occur, for example, “where the committee is unable to differentiate between individuals.” Turning up to make the case for livelihoods will not be mandatory (and CMM suspects good for people’s dignity).