Jobs to go at Victoria U

But there’s no mention of involuntary departures

Management and union at Victoria U are talking about a joint proposal to staff on savings, along the lines of the job protection framework drawn-up by four VCs and the National Tertiary Education Union.

The talks follow VC Peter Dawkins telling staff $30m in non-staff savings are made, partly meeting COVID-19 driven deficits of $50m this year and $20m next. He has already signalled the need for voluntary redundancies and variations to the enterprise agreement, which sets pay and conditions, (CMM August 6).

Word is that local leaders of the NTEU will meet with management this week. The university is expected to ask for a range of concessions to save 90 EFTS, including deferring the 1.2 per cent enterprise agreement pay rises for 2020 and ’21 and for staff to purchase five days leave.  In return, the university would look for 100 voluntary departures – there is no mention of a compulsory redundancies.

If a deal is done it would likely first go to NTEU branch members and if approved by them to an all staff vote. That could be a bit of an if.  A meeting of union members at VU has voted against any agreement with management that would reduce wages/conditions (CMM August 10).