Jobs gone at Curtin U and more to follow

In August Curtin U management set a $41m savings target for staff costs – it’s half way there

The university announced the results of its voluntary redundancy scheme yesterday, accepting 137 applications. Teaching units with large numbers of staff set to go are Business and Law (15), Health Sciences, (37), Humanities (17).  While admin, teaching and support staff make up a significant proportion of the departures, there are 20 aspros and professors who will go.

Some 64 staff in central services are also exiting.

However, VC John Cordery says the university still needs to save another $21m in staff costs, to, “to secure the university’s future sustainability.” Management has released a time table for proposals to achieve “workplace change and compulsory redundancy to ensure the total savings goal is met.”

Workplace change proposals for academic and admin operating units will be released this week and next.

Professor Cordery adds that if staff had voted for management’s proposed enterprise agreement variation to forego the 2021 2 per cent pay rise $11m would have been saved.