Jobs going and to go at ANU

The good news at ANU is the bad news could be worse

The second stage of the university’s recovery plan went to staff yesterday, with the headline news being the number of jobs still to go, is down, thanks to the success of the voluntary separation programme. With 273 people deciding to leave, required departures are now 194, down from the previous 215.

Yesterday the university released where the departures will be.

Arts and Social Sciences: 35 staff gone a further 12 needed

Asia and the Pacific: 17 voluntary separations so far, with a further 18 needed. The college will hire eight positions, “aligned with emerging needs”

Business and Economics: 11 voluntary separations and no more departures needed. The college will recruit for five positions

Engineering and Computer Science: 17 people gone, 19 more departures needed. Recruiting 15 positions

Health and Medicine: 18 positions voluntarily gone, 22 still needed to go, although the college will recruit seven, “to build capability and maintain critical services”

Law: Nine voluntary separations and no more needed. College to fill three positions

Science: 75 departures so far (24 academic, 51 professional staff). A further 55 are needed to go, offset by recruiting for 27. Net loss of 103 positions

VC portfolio: four exec roles to go (two now empty). No second-contract pay rise for VC and reduction in existing pay continues

Academic portfolio: 12 positions already to go, ten more needed, but three to be filled

Research and Innovation portfolio: five positions gone, six to follow

Student and University Experience portfolio: Voluntary separations for two position already two more jobs to go but five positions will be filled

Operations portfolio:  Voluntary separations so far: facilities 22, scholarly information 26. Some 40 more needed to go. However, 38 positions to be filled for a net loss of 67

Global Engagement portfolio: Six gone, 11 to go, recruiting 11

First Nations portfolio: This is new, and small, with a $3.4m budget next year. No staff reductions and recruiting three positions