Job losses in Uni Queensland TESOL

In August Uni Queensland announced a plan to retrench 46 of 87 positions, in its Institute of Continuing and TESOL Education, what with demand being down 70 per cent. 

In response to which staff kicked up, (CMM August 25), making a comprehensive case for watching and adapting to changing demand.

Management responded by putting on hold disestablishing 22 teaching and academic manager positions, “in light of higher than forecasted student numbers for the remainder of the calendar year. And there was “no precise date” set on abolishing 24 targeted admin positions (CMM September 8).

That’s going to change – the professional staff consultation committee has voted on the 24 jobs and has sent their decision up the line. If approved by senior management, a university representative states, “affected staff will have the option to look for other opportunities with the university.”