Jennifer Milam moves to Uni Newcastle

The year-long court case between Jennifer Milam and the University of Melbourne is over

In February 2019 Professor Milam, then head of the university’s School of Culture and Communication, took the university to court, in part over it banning her from campus, except to prepare for and teach classes. The university was conducting an investigation into “matters concerning the interaction between certain senior academic staff of the faculty.”

In the Federal Court Justice Anastassiou said nothing-doing, prior to the dispute between the university and Professor Milam going to trial. “It is very likely to suffer significant harm to her reputation if her suspension is continued. In my view, such harm is not readily compensable by an award of damages,” (CMM February 22 2019).

The dispute proceeded through court processes last year with no apparent sign of a settlement. But at the end of January the case was “dismissed by consent” with no order on costs. Uni Melbourne declined to comment yesterday and Professor Milam did not respond to a written request.

Professor Milam’s Facebook page reports she started this week as PVC Academic Excellence at the University of Newcastle.