JCU VC commits to a 30 per cent remuneration reduction

Sandra Harding told staff Friday the 38-strong senior executive will also take a 9 per cent reduction

While there is no mention of a time-limit, the promises are made in the context of a management campaign for staff to accept temporary reductions in conditions to make savings

The university is asking staff to vote for an enterprise agreement variation which includes; delaying a scheduled pay rise, longer Christmas close-downs in 2020 and ’21 and a voluntary leave purchase scheme.  Management is putting the proposal to staff without union agreement after talks failed on a joint proposal (CMM September 9 and 10).

Professor Harding’s announcement also included details on the university proposal including; * “a minimum” 70 jobs to be saved “that would otherwise be lost, * no forced redundancies or stand-downs during the variation period, * “provisions” for fixed-term and casual staff.

Staff will vote Thursday and Friday. The proposal is opposed by the National Tertiary Education Union in part because, “it doesn’t deliver the job security that has been achieved in similar variations at other universities.”



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