James Cook U staff get their pay rise (but maybe not for long)

The increase due yesterday has happened, which is not at all what management wanted

Staff had voted to defer this month’s wage increase as a savings measure. But this hasn’t happened, because the campus branch of the National Tertiary Education Union pointed out the way the agreement was worded could mean management would not have to cough-up when the agree deferment ended.

This is undoubtedly a management mistake but the Fair Work Commission is thinking about what the words staff accepted state and JCU tells the campus community a decision is expected on October 8.

Which means for now, the pay rise is in place.

“These increased rates will continue to apply until the variation is approved.  When the variation is approved pay rates will revert back to their previous level,” acting HR Director Belinda Pope optimistically announced to the JCU community yesterday.

If the FWC backs the university’s position the pay rise will not go ahead, except for the week it will have been paid. But Ms Pope assures staff JCU will not ask for the money back.