It’s not over at James Cook U, till the FWC signs

Last week JCU staff voting accepted (just – 51 per cent in favour) a management proposal to defer a pay rise due Wednesday as part of a job protection package, (CMM September 21)

But Jonathan Strauss from the National Tertiary Education Union warns the way management drafted the necessary enterprise agreement variation means “there is no enforceable requirement” for JCU to pay the delayed wage increase when now promised, in December ‘21. The union calls on JCU to withdraw its application to the Fair Work Commission for required approval.

The NTEU opposed management’s plan but Dr Strauss says this is not “sour grapes,” that the FWC cannot approve the EAV as now written.

To which HR Director Geoff Rogers responded yesterday in a message to staff; “JCU’s position remains that it is for the Fair Work Commission to decide on the EAV which it will do in due course.”