It’s not just the work it’s where that you do it

Continuing working from home rights is on the National Tertiary Education Union’s enterprise bargaining agenda but it is not a big issue – yet

However the Australian Higher Education Industrial Association, which represents most universities, is pointing members to a recent Fair Work Commission ruling in a Uni Tasmania unfair dismissal case. “The fact that there has been a period – often extended significantly for many people – where work has been undertaken at home does not dictate a conclusion that work can continue to be undertaken wholly, or even substantially, remotely, Deputy President Bell stated (CMM August 17).  ,

“We are pleased that the Fair Work Commission has provided very specific guidance on an important issue for the sector,” AHEIA ED Craig Laughton says.

“With universities endeavouring to ensure that students can still access a ‘campus experience,’ the decision provides quite specific guidance on where expectations can be set.”