IT top ten starts with security and student success

The Council of Australasian University Directors of IT reports what worries members and what they want to work on

The 2021 list is much the same as last year – with changes reflecting the impact of COVID-19.

Information security is number one, (as it was last year)

“Supporting student success” is second (number two in 2020)

Business transformation stays at three

New models of learning and teaching is fourth – it did not rate in 2020

Service delivery stays fifth, “embedding agility, scalability and cost effectiveness across activities”

Seamless user experience is sixth (up from 18th last year)

Leadership is seventh, “as a trusted leader and partner.” It was 15th in 2020

Digital integration is eighth (down one from 2020)

Modern workplace is ninth up from 13, covering meeting changing needs, “across evolving physical and virtual environments and flexible work practices

Cultural change drops to tenth, from eight. “Support new ways of working: fostering a workplace that welcomes diversity, safety, and high performance”